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In Poland, local correspondents welcomed and supported families during their stay.

Until October 2020, COFA Montauban was authorised to work as an adoption intermediary with POLAND by virtue of the ministerial decree of 18 April 1990. The international adoption policy chosen by Polish authorities, in accordance with The Hague Convention (1993), determines the Montauban Committee’s activities. Over the years, COFA MONTAUBAN has paved the way for the adoption of over 1,000 children born in Poland.


On 13 January 2017, the Polish government first decided to restrict the adoption of Polish children abroad. This decision was justified by Polish authorities as stemming from “the deep certitude that most children qualified for adoption may find stable host families adapted to their needs in Poland itself”.


On 26 April 2018, the Polish government (Ministry of Family, Work, and Social Policy-Department of Family Policy) officially informed us that it had decided to drastically restrict all qualifications of Polish children destined for a foreign adoption, except for children who were severely affected either psychologically, mentally, or physically.
Consequently, our AAA has no choice but to defer any new application requests for Polish adoptions.


While continuing to be on standby for potential adoptions of Polish children, COFA Montauban decided to reinforce its action:
With families (– customised support – guiding them towards support structures (EFA, Pétales, etc.) – providing qualified workers (psychologists, doctors, etc.) – providing training).
With Adoptees : (– support with overcoming abandonment and its consequences – birth parent research).


COFA Montauban’s accreditation from the Polish Ministry for the placement of children in France expired in October 2020. It no longer receives new adoption applications for Poland.


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Were you adopted through COFA Montauban – Foyer des Tout Petits? Would you like to find out more about your origins or to speak with a professional?

If you are of legal age, a professional will see you after receiving a covering letter, a photocopy of your ID card, and anything you know that might help us identify you and refer to your file. If you are underage, you must have the consent of your adoptive parents.