COFA Lyon—Oeuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise used to work with:

“One comes from its childhood as much as from a country.”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, born in Lyon in 1900)


COFA Lyon — Œuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise, founded in 1952, is one of the Œuvre de l’Adoption committees. Its head office is in Lyon, a city which is part of its identity and establishment.

It is part of the Confédération Française pour l’Adoption (COFA), the leading French adoption organization (AAA, Approved Adoption Agency).

Our team includes one employee and some active (doctors, psychologists, a consultant) or retired professionals, alongside with qualified people who volunteer their time, skills, and experience.

We offer information, help and support for both adopters and adoptees looking for information about their origins.


Press release: temporary suspension of adoptions in Haiti is renewed

On 15 March 2020, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs issued a three-month order suspending international adoptions in Haiti. The suspension was first renewed on 9 June 2020. The …

A Special Flight from Haiti

The COFA LYON – Œuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise team is happy to announce the arrival of five adopted children from Haiti, on Sunday 21 June 2020, by humanitarian airlift. The flight …

2020 Picnic Postponed

As announced in “CONTACT” No. 39 in June 2020, the 2020 edition of our annual picnic, which is usually held in September, was postponed due to the health situation. See you …

Temporary suspension of adoptions in Haiti

Coronavirus As part of its effort to protect itself as much as possible against coronavirus, the Haitian government has suspended all flights entering its territory. Socialisation visits are currently not …

New premises for Nid d’Espoir

“Nid d’Espoir,” a children’s home managed by Dally Télémaque Bernard, moved at the beginning of 2019. It is now housed in a spacious villa in the Tabarre neighbourhood. Although several …

Paul’s birthday

Paul’s arrival in France

Our reunion After a ten-month wait between our two trips, which was at times difficult (and we do realise that this was a reasonable wait, given current circumstances), it was …

2018 Picnic

Our annual picnic was held in the sunshine on Saturday, 8 September 2018 in Oullins, in the Rhône region. Over 200 people enjoyed getting together to share their experience of …

A second trip to Haiti for the MOUGEL family, who has returned to France with their son, Cédric

20 February 2018 We were once again standing in front of the metal door that had closed behind us 15 months before… As the door opened, we tried to spot …


A Special Flight from Haiti

The COFA LYON – Œuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise team is happy to announce the arrival of five adopted children from Haiti, on Sunday 21 June 2020, by humanitarian airlift. The flight …

2020 Picnic Postponed

As announced in “CONTACT” No. 39 in June 2020, the 2020 edition of our annual picnic, which is usually held in September, was postponed due to the health situation. See you …

2019 Picnic

  On 7 September, our annual picnic brought together 300 people on a fine late summer’s day at the Chassagnes middle school in Oullins. We would like to thank François …


Adoption applicants who solicit our services contribute to our operating expenses (which are endorsed by the Mission de l’Adoption Internationale—MAI).

We receive financial support from the MAI as part of an Agreement on Objectives and Resources, first signed with the French government in 2011, to fund travels and trainings for our team, as well as for the applicants to increase their awareness of the specificities of international adoption.

COFA Lyon—Oeuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise accounts are approved by a certified accountant and examined, as for all COFA Committee accounts, by COFA’s auditor.

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Founded in 1952 under the name Œuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise, we have fosteried many children born anonymously in France.


Since 1980

In the 1980’s, our organisation opened to new horizons when we were allowed to work in Colombia and Haiti. COFA Lyon—Œuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise has also worked in Poland and Lithuania, before giving up these accreditations. Colombia has provided many beautiful children from all regions and remains a country that is dear to the hearts of our team and our board of directors. The adoption policy in that country has changed radically. For the time being, only children with special needs can be adopted internationally.


Our ties with Haiti are long-standing and were further consolidated and developed in the noughties, when trips to the country became more regular. Ties with partner children’s homes (“creches”) have reinforced a relationship based on trust and cooperation. They opened the way to dozens of children being adopted, until the tragic earthquake of 10 January 2010, which marked the end of an era.



Support for creches, particularly in the period when adoptions were closed until 2013, underscored our long-term commitment to the country. The reopening of adoption within the framework of the 2013 law and Haiti’s alignment with the Hague Convention were new challenges for the country to meet.


COFA Lyon—Oeuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise was reaccredited for pursuing its efforts in Colombia by resolution Number 3492 dated 13/05/2020.

We also met IBESR (Haiti) requirements for reaccreditation in that country.


Colombia edited a new “Technical Lineament” in January 2021. This is where they modified their criterias for international adoption.


COFA Lyon – Oeuvre Adoptive Lyonnaise made the decision to suspend the adoption activity in Colombia. We will pursue our activity of supporting adopted people in their search of origins.

The French government decided to renew the suspension of adoption in Haïti with no end date.


Two interviews lasting two and three hours with applicants are required. They include:

  • Information about steps in the procedure, waiting times, adoption criteria in the country of origin, adoptable children, characteristics of special needs children, what goes into an application;
  • Developing an adoption project: number of children (siblings), medical condition, age.

We offer a specifically developed preparation protocol for becoming adoptive parents. It includes meetings, reading material, contacts with associations, preliminary activities, along with a session on adoptive family preparation once a country has given its agreement, in addition to a support session on the theme of “Making the best of waiting.”


Once your child has arrived, there are further obligations. We will carry out follow-up activities in your home in accordance with requirements in France and in the child’s country of origin. These follow-up sessions are mandatory to maintain our accreditation in these countries. Please be sure to welcome our volunteer professionals.

We are here for you during your child’s arrival and adaptation period, during the teenage years, or in other circumstances. You may contact us whenever you need to.


Practical information

Office hours:

  • Mondays from 9.00-13.00
  • Tuesdays from 9.00 to 18.00
  • Thursdays from 9.00 to 13.00


COFA Lyon-Œuvre adoptive lyonnaise
24 avenue Felix Faure
69007  Lyon

(metro station: “Saxe-Gambetta”)

+33 (0)4 78 58 48 35

Are you thinking about adopting through us?

Send us a letter including your agreement and supporting documents, your social and psychological report, a copy of your family record book if you are married, a copy of the reasons adduced for a judgment if you are divorced, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a photo of yourself.