Each COFA AAA member has its own operational mode. Please check the relevant page based on the country of origin and the department where you live to find out more about procedures.

Select the country or countries from which you would like your child to come, which may mean contacting several COFA AAA members.

You may send your application to several COFA AAA members and arrange to meet more than one. If they agree to support your application, you will need to commit to just one COFA AAA member for the next steps.

You may maintain an adoption application with the ASE (for a child born in France) at the same time as an application that is supported by an AAA (whether affiliated to COFA or another organisation), but not with several AAAs for the same country.

  • If the adoptee is of legal age and was adopted in France, an association professional will gladly see them to discuss their case, based on their records, and will share any information we have, but will never reveal the identity of their biological mother.
  • If the adoptee is a minor, we must have consent from their adoptive parents. All requests must be supported by a covering letter with a photocopy of the ID card or passport, as well as any information to help us identify the adoptee and find their records.

If your child was adopted through a COFA AAA member, you can send us a letter addressed to the child to be added to their records,, which they can access if they request to do so.

Every country has its own research system. Please check information for each individual country.

People from your AAA will visit you at home after your child has arrived, following a predefined schedule established by the country of origin. You may contact your COFA AAA member to support you in your parenting.