The Lille Committee is authorised to work with:


Founded in 1920, the “Société de parrainage,” a private charity, operated as a child placement organisation before becoming an adoption agency, “Adoption des tout petits”. It was officially authorised to care for children descended from anonymous French births by the French authorities.

The Lille Committee continues to enable the adoption of many children born anonymously in France.

In 1952, “Adoption des Tout Petits” joined the Œuvre de l’Adoption committees, becoming the Lille Committee for the Œuvre de l’Adoption.

With the considerable drop in child abandonment in France, in 1986 the Lille Committee turned its attention to Brazil in order to meet numerous requests from families who wished to adopt, and in 1996, to Bolivia.

The Lille Committee has also partnered with other committees (Bordeaux Marseille Lyon) for cases in Columbia, Korea, and Haiti.

In 2010, the Lille Committee “Adoption des Tout Petits” became one of eight committees of the Confédération Française pour l’Adoption [French Confederation for Adoption], and was renamed COFA – Lille Committee.

COFA – LILLE Committee is an approved agency for international adoption, under the provisions of the Decree of 18 April 2002. It retains its permission to care for children born anonymously in France.


Our operational team

Executive President
Mr Bernard Dorchies

Adoption President
Ms Françoise Maniez

Ms Nathalie Chevalier

Director of birth parent research
Ms Fanny Florin

Mr Bruno Florin

Our team comprises volunteers who are all adoptive parents and who contribute their experience of professional and nonprofit adoption.

Adoption team members have received training in relational communications (active listening: listening and interviewing, optimal assistance, help, and support).

All members of COFA-Lille Committee of Adoption des Tout-petits are responsible for:

  • Interviewing, welcoming, and selecting families who apply for adoption,
  • Preparing selected families and supporting them while they wait,
  • Providing support for the administrative and legal procedures in each country,
  • Carrying out post-adoption follow-ups and supporting families,
  • Facilitating birth parent research.


Adoption applicants who solicit our services contribute to our operating expenses (which are endorsed by the Mission de l’Adoption Internationale – MAI).

We receive financial support from MAI as part of an Agreement of Objectives and Resources, signed with the French state in 2011, to fund travel, team training and the preparation of prospective parents.

Our COFA – LILLE accounts are audited by a certified accountant and, like all COFA committee accounts, validated by COFA’s auditor.


Before looking into their case, COFA LILLE requires applicants to post:

  • A letter explaining their adoption project,
  • Their agreement and attached information sheet,
  • Their social and psychological evaluations,
  • A photograph of the applicant,
  • A stamped envelope for our response.


Beginning of the procedure

After reviewing their application, the AAA makes sure that a family’s project meets criteria defined by Bolivian legislation.


Before their administrative file is constituted, applicants meet with the Adoption President and either a psychotherapist, or a social worker.


When applicants are ready to sign their complete administrative file, they sign the Projet de Mise en Relation (PMER).


Children who want to find out about their origins must first send us a written request with the following information: surname, first name, date and place of birth, along with a copy of their ID card.

Our team will examine their request and its trustworthiness. Please call our office 15 days after your request to schedule an appointment. A professional will greet you, listen with care, and guide you based on your needs.

Many children are happy to discover their country of origin.


Adoptees must be of legal age to launch a Birth Parent Search procedure, or be assisted by their legal representative.

Birth mothers may break the secrecy of their identity at any time by sending a letter to the charity. This letter will be added to their child’s file.

They may only be put in touch with the child if s/he has requested this in writing.


Adoptees must be of legal age to launch a Birth Parent Search procedure, or be assisted by their legal representative.

For internal research procedures in their home country, adoptees should contact us to find out about the procedure.


Practical information

OFFICE hours every Tuesday from 10.00 to 16.00, excluding school holidays.

COFA Lille – Adoption des Tout Petits
35 rue Deschodt appt 16
59000, LILLE

+33 (0)3 20 40 25 50

Were you adopted through COFA Lille?

Would you like to find out more about your origins or to speak with a professional?

If you are of legal age, a professional will see you after receiving a covering letter, a photocopy of your ID card, and anything you know that might help us identify you and refer to your file. If you are underage, you must have the consent of your adoptive parents.